Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Though I've been from Santiago to La Serena and am now in San Pedro...I have some catch up to do with blogging...

The night life in Chile is hopping. I personally never went to any disco discos—we ended up just staying close to the hostel and going to local bars (which turned into discos, anyway). There are PLENTY of places to go out to at night. The catch is, though, they don’t go out til after 12/1am in the morning and party until 4/5. So, waking up at 7:30am for training didn’t work out too well with that.

There are a ton of street vendors and small shops scattered throughout the city. If you ever needed food, it wasn’t hard to get. If you wanted healthy food, on the other hand, that was more difficult ot come across. Dogs. Stray dogs. There are probably more dogs than shops in Chile. The stray dogs are EVERHWERE…they sleep anywhere, they poop anywhere, and mate anywhere. I never saw an aggressive dog, they were all seemingly nice, but it was realllly hard for me not to bend over and pet them…or let them walk around with me. We went jogging one morning and, of course, the stray dogs flocked like crazy. We usually were able to get rid of the dogs…except one. We named him Atlas. He was completely neurotic and never stopped moving his head from side to side looking at the street, sidewalk, and buildings.

Outside of the hotel where we had training were a few cafes. These cafes were special, though, bc you walked in the door, paid the cashier, gave your receipt to a woman dressed in a short, skin tight dress in high heels, and watched her buzz around the bar on a stage. Twas an experience to say the least.

:) Hasta luego...

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